The hotel

Where is the hotel located?

The Cliff is located on the South Beach of the Black Sea resort town of Obzor, about 70 km south of the second-biggest Bulgarian city (Varna), and 60 km north of Burgas, the other large city on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast.

What transport do I use to get to the hotel?

The Cliff Beach and Spa is located about 60 km from the international airport of Varna and about 70 km north of the international airport of Burgas. If travelling from Varna, about 5 km after passing Obzor, turn left just before the green arrow "Cliff" sign on your left-hand side. Then keep straight ahead until you reach the Cliff’s barrier. If travelling from Burgas, about 5 km before Obzor, turn to the right after the green arrow ’Cliff’ sign on your right-hand side. Keep straight ahead until you get to the barrier.

Is parking provided?

The hotel has a dedicated parking lot and a two level garage for hotel guests where you can safely leave your car or other vehicle.

How to get to the nearest beach?

To get to the nearest beach that is one of the few naturally safed there are eco stairs that you may use to go down in about 5-10 minutes . In the neighborhood there are other beaches accessible by foot or by car.

How to go to Obzor and back ?

There is organized mini bus shuttle transport, carrying two-way transportation to Obzor at certain times during the day. Outside the fixed hours hotel is served by taxis. After a walk for about 15-20min. to the town following an ecotrail you will reach the beach walking area.

What voltage does the Bulgarian electric power grid use?

The voltage of household power-points in Bulgaria is 220V.

What bank cards can I use?
  • Visa
  • Euro/Mastercard
  • Maestro

The hotel reserves the right to pre-authorise credit cards prior to arrival.

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